Thursday, May 23, 2013

Like A Fat Hamster On A Slide

It seems like every summer is going to be the summer where I'm going to lose weight.  Every year, I seem to truly believe that in these three magic months I'm going to find the motivation that I can't manage to round up the rest of the year.  And every fall, I go back to school in my fat pants.  I don't say this to get pity or to be hard on myself.  If you been around here for the other attempts at weight loss you know that I'm not really into either of those things.  For better or worse, I have a healthy body image that I cultivate mostly by not spending an incredible amount of time in front of the mirror.  And I'm not a fat shamer.  The world tries to make people who are overweight feel like if they just wanted it bad enough, they could be skinny.  It's not always that easy.  (If wishes and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas, right?)

Here's what I know, quietly and with as little fanfare as possible for me, I started walking sometime at the end of April.  I don't walk every day.  I don't freak out if I have the wine and the cake.  But, I've walked close to thirty miles since I started this little experiment.  I don't weigh myself, because I don't really care how much weight I've lost.  When I am worried about the numbers, I get discouraged too easily.  I know about what I weighed when I started, and I plan to weigh again when school starts.  That's not to say I don't have a long-term goal.  My cousin is getting married next March and I would love to look good in the mandatory family pictures, so I'd love to have lost 50 pounds by then.  But if I don't, that's okay too.  I'm just tired of being the fat hamster, you know?

To that end, Crystal, new mom to the sweetest little guy this side of the Mississippi, is throwing down a pretty serious challenge to walk 100 miles in the month of June or #100inJuneChallenge, if you love a good Twitter hashtag.  And I'm going to try it.  I've done the math, trust me.  That's 3.3 miles every day for an entire month. It's absolutely crazy.  But isn't summer vacation supposed to be about embracing the crazy?  And what's the worst that could happen--I don't walk 100 miles, but still push myself beyond what I thought possible?  That would be just terrible, wouldn't it?  Anyway, if you have the urge, why don't you join us and see what you can do?  


  1. Every time I think of the daily requirement, I throw up a little. But having this many people participate has got to be good motivation, right?

    1. Sure. We can count Walk Away The Pounds, right? Because I am going to have to do something else to get it all in.

    2. It counts! Walking is walking in my book.

  2. You know what I say the same every year but because I have signed up for a 10k marathon it's really put my butt into gear! You know what I do though? I get my laptop, open you tube, find an aerobic class, maximise the screen and do it in my bedroom. It's half hour, free and no needing to go outside. PERFECT!

  3. Good luck to you. When my summer vacation starts-hub, daughter, and I usually walk 3 miles every other day. The only down fall to this-is they (hub and daughter) love to walk at 6:15 every morning-ugh!


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