Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 18: Weddings

I love a good wedding.  Sort of.  I love seeing my friends happy.  I love the flowers, the vows, the cake and the big party.  But, being a single girl of a certain age at weddings is not always the most fun thing in the world.  Sometimes, it's really hard to make myself go.  Sometimes, I don't go.  And trust me, I realize how selfish that is.

I was never the girl who was planning my own wedding in my head.  But, with my love for event planning, I have helped plan many others.  Hopefully, you only have one wedding (well, unless you are Mariah Carey and just get married every year on your anniversary, which you probably aren't).  So, the idea of helping to make someone else's day like the vision in their head appeals to me greatly.  And with the creation of Pinterest, those visions seem to have exploded into a full-on Fantasyland of satin and pearls.  How I wish we'd had some of this around a few years ago when it seemed like everywhere I turned it was time for another wedding.

We've thrown some really great ones though.  I don't have any pictures on my computer of Crys's, because back then we used a thing called film in our cameras.  But I do have some other great moments in wedding history...

These are just some of the memories that make me smile with sheer delight!  And, like I mentioned yesterday, there's a big one in my family coming up in March.

It is June, so show us your weddings!  Make sure to link up if you are playing along!

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  1. I'm still not a wedding fan-because I've seen too my big weddings that could have used as much dedication to the marriage as to the wedding. Still I do like to see friends and their families happy too.

    But I agree that it's rough for single folks. When I was single weddings were too ripe for old ladies to torment me. It was a nice happenstance when it did happen and I'm not complaining now, but I never wanted to marry. So I'd always get ruffled, especially if the hunted me down at the other reception in the building where I was hiding from the bouquet toss. :)


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