Monday, June 17, 2013

Having A Day

Today, I took a sick day from life.  I know I am on summer break, but I feel like, even though it's summer, I've been going and going and working really hard on this 100 Miles Challenge and I need some time to just rest, body and mind.  Today, I've just been "having a day."  Maybe that's a bit of a colloquialism, but that's the term I use for what it's like when it's all a little much and I need a break.

It's not like there's anything bad going on.  In fact, life on the whole has been pretty awesome of late.  I have no real reason to complain.  Not one.  I fully realize that my life is ridiculously blessed and easy compared to so many in the world.  But today, I'm just a little sad and feeling all of the feelings.  At once.  And I have a head cold, which always adds an extra measure of whiny.  Maybe it's that's it's been dark and rainy most of the day.  Maybe it's that I'm being extra hard on myself today because even though I've walked 80 miles so far this month, I'm not seeing the progress on the scale that I'd hoped for.  (Yes, I broke down and weighed yesterday, even though I swore that I wouldn't.  And I shouldn't have.).  Maybe it's just because I'm a girl and we do stuff like this from time to time.

Sometimes, you just have to lean into the wallow.  And so, I slept in.  I put on some music and read for a couple hours.  Took a nap.  Watched some episodes of my favorite shows.  (Last two episodes of Private Practice, and last two episodes of Friday Night Lights, in case you were curious.)  And I will probably get a shower and go to bed early and start all over again tomorrow.

Because, and this is the beauty of it, tomorrow is a brand new day.


  1. Remember your clothes fit better. And muscle weighs more than fat. You are doing awesome.

  2. It's ok to take a day off to recharge your batteries, we all need it. It seems to me you're well on your way to walk more than 100 miles this month..:)


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