Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 20: Nicknames

Growing up, I hated my full first name.  I really did grow into it until I was much older, and even then I pretty much only use it on official documents and such.  In fact, there's only one childhood friend who calls me by my real first name, and even then, she's the only one that could get away with it.

I've always been Katie to most people, and it's the name that I use most often.  Other friends throughout my life, in particular Crys and other people I used to go to church with called me Kate.  My uncle has called me Kate-O for as long as I can remember.  My niece calls me Kitty, which is close enough, and what Amber swears is going to be my old lady name.  The only name I do not like to be called is Kathy.  Seriously, just don't.  I think that's about it on the nickname front.

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  1. I hate my first name because it resembles Adolf Hitler. Of course I have those who call me Hitler but most people come up with some nicknames because they don't want to say my first name. Some people call me Alfredo, I had one girl call me Alfalfa, and my former history teacher calls me A-Train. Those nicknames always put a smile on my face because they're silly and it's always better than being called Hitler.


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