Monday, July 1, 2013

I Would Walk 100 Miles...

Those of you that follow me on Twitter or who have been following along recently know that for the month of June, my goal was to walk 100 miles.  It was actually Crystal's big idea, and at first I thought she was crazy.  Then I walked 30.94 miles in the first week.  Suddenly, it didn't seem impossible.

In the end, I walked 103.39 miles in the month of June.  I actually reached 100 miles on June 20th, and spent the rest of the month being a total slacker.  As soon as I reached my goal, my motivation was out the window.  I'm not proud of this fact, but it's completely and absolutely true.  Since July is my last full month of summer, the last full month of getting to decide my own schedule, I've decided that in July I will walk an additional 150 miles.  (Which equals out to 4.8 miles a day.)  It's completely doable, as many days in June I walked over six miles between walking outside and doing videos.

I just have to get into the habit of exercising on a regular basis.  That's really my primary goal, the weight loss has definitely been secondary.  In fact, I've only weighed once since school was out, and I don't plan to weigh again until we are back in session in August.  However, I have already had to go buy new pants, so I feel like we're headed in the right direction.  I also have a goal of at least walking a 5K in the near future, which will be a fun thing to mark off my bucket list.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a little update as to where I am and where I'm going.  It's been a great journey so far, but I'm just getting started!


  1. I think that's great. Once you start exercising, it is difficult to stop and it sounds you're doing that already. :)

  2. I still think you should do 200 miles July!

  3. Upping your walking and exercise IS the best thing to do! Don't worry about the number on the scale.

  4. Very impressive. I woke up with the motivation to get on the treadmill (it's raining...again), but here I sit reading blogs! :)

  5. Hi, I am a new follower on your blog. I loved the very first post that I read. Wow, what an accomplishment. You have inspired me to get motivated and out of my chair (and off my computer) and get moving. I'm very impressed.


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