Friday, October 16, 2009


I know that I talked about it before, but Glee is my new can't miss show.  It's hilarious and brilliant and they sing!  What more could you possibly want?  If you aren't watching it, catch an episode or two here.  I promise you will be hooked!  I recommend "The Rhodes Not Taken", "Acafella" or  "Throwdown," which was this week's episode, but I love them all.  In my family, Lib and I have been known to watch it at our respective houses and text about it during the commercials.  My mom actually told me Wednesday night that my father said she had to get off the phone because Glee was getting ready to start. (I would have said it first but I was racing home from Wednesday night dinner at the Mays'.)  We are serious about our shows, people! 

I assume that part of my addiction is rooted in the fact that I am a choir nerd.  I was in Regional Choir in high school and later, SCC Choir.  There is nothing like the bond that comes with creating something that you know is good.  Some kids find their place in high school.  I found mine in my College Choir.  We did musicals, madrigals, cantatas and a million other special performances. The music was fun, but the people were better. There are a million and one crazy stories from those days. Some of those people I lost touch with, but hold a spot in my heart.  Others, like those crazy girls I sing with every Sunday, are still part of my life. Glee just reminds me of those days.  We were all misfits in our own right, but together we were something special.  And if you don't believe it, I can totally show you some videos...

P.S.  And if you are ever the slightest bit addicted like me, you will want to know that there is a soundtrack coming soon.  You can find out all about here or check iTunes, which has most of the singles now that will be included on the final CD.  Entertainment Weekly said not that long ago that there will be a Volume Two released before the first season is over.  And all I can say is thank you, Ryan Murphy, you mad genius, you!


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