Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anything But List-less

Three Reasons I Am Feeling a Little Bit Overwhelmed:
  • Too many things - I feel like I have done nothing but run since my birthday.  Sure, some of it was really fun and all of it was of my own choosing, but I just feel like I'm everywhere and nowhere all at once.  I haven't even had time to go meet Kamryn now that I am healthy enough because I have meetings or something going every night.
  • School stuff - It's the end of the first grading period, so I have grades to post (which I should probably be doing now instead of blogging).  I also have Think Pink Week (cancer awareness), basketball games starting, and Parent/Teacher Conferences.  It will all get done.  It will all be fine.  (I'm repeating this as often as necessary)
  • Trunk or Treat - Halloween is just two weeks away and I don't have any idea what I'm going to be for our church's big community outreach.  I always end up being something lame, even though I would love to have a more creative costume.  But at this point, I don't even have candy for my trunk, so I may have to just deal.

 And Three Things I'm Looking Forward To:
  •  La Croix Friday Nights - Before she moved to the STL, Amber and I used to go to this great church in Cape for their Friday night service.  We'd meet, worship with their rockin' praise band, listen to a great sermon and then go eat.  And now that she's back, so is this once-a-month tradition!  And I'm pumped!
  • Visiting Family - Some of my extended family is going to be in this weekend.  We only see them once every four or five years because they live out west, but all three of the "C" cousins will be here Saturday.  I love to listen to everyone tell stories and just hang out, so despite the continued crappy weather, we should have a good time.
  • Basketball Season - Yes, it means working the admission gate and the concession stand.  But it also means hollering for the home team until you're hoarse, taking a million action shots, and watching my "kids" have a blast from October to February.  I'm totally okay with the trade-off.


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