Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Friday. Let's Laugh...

I don't have enough time to really get into a post.  I know that my last few have been joyful but also kind of heavy, and I promise that I've been having lots of laughs too.  For instance:
  • I discovered a website that had a "make your own pet name for your significant other" feature.  I immediately emailed it a friend and we are now referring to her beloved as Stud Monkey.  And then dying with laughter...
  • I have been retelling the story of how my cat went psycho yesterday afternoon and how I was forced to defend myself courageously with only a sauce pan and a broom.  And it's all true...I was on the phone with Sheena and she totally heard the whole thing!
  • Yesterday, while reading "Love Song" by Pablo Neruda with my 7th grade poets, I asked if anyone knew what predilection meant.  One student answered "Isn't that those little crackers you have at church?"  (And yet this is also the kid who gave the insight, "I think he's trying to make his music on paper."  Oh the paradox of teaching middle school...)
  • Same class doing a summary of Shakespeare's Sonnet XVIII:  "Shakespeare's just trying to say that she's hott, you know, like summer."  (And that's hot with two t's, if you're counting...)  There was also something about how William Butler Yeats was referring to the "haters" in his beloved's life in "When You Are Old."  I love teaching poetry to middle school!
  • This quote cracks me up--"When you come across a big kettle of crazy, it's best not to stir it."  T-shirts, anyone?  I'll get on it as soon as the "I Agree With Phyllis" shirts are done!  HA!
So, in other words, I am still laughing.  I am just doing it in between all the teaching and running the concession stand and the rest of my crazy life!  I promise to post more fun soon!  (Maybe even some pictures) 

P.S.  Can I just share how happy this new background made me too!  Bright and butterflies!  Loving it!


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