Friday, July 2, 2010

Does This Mean I'm An Adult?

There's so much going on over here that you can rest assured this post will be all over the place.  Of course, that wouldn't actually be that odd, so maybe I should just offer my apologies and move on.  Yesterday was a fantastic day.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous!  It's nice not to be outside and not wear the air, you know?  The weather was perfect because I had a photo shoot yesterday morning!  A while back, my third grade teacher, Mrs. Kraatz, let me know that her daughters were going to be here this summer and wanted to know if I would do their family pictures.  The first thing I reminded her of was that I am not a professional photographer.  (You know how I feel about people who claim talent beyond their own!)  But, I agreed to do it, and I'm really glad that I did!  It was fun, the kids were cute, and I was able to get some nice shots, even though trying to get kids to take good pictures is like trying to catch a greased pig.  (Maybe harder!)  Shannon, the daughter closest to my age and the one I remember wanting to be when I grew up, told me that she reads my blog!  And she likes it!  (And you know how happy I get when I find out anyone reads this blog!) 

After the shoot, I went home and started working on the pictures.  Since everyone is only going to be here until Monday, I wanted to get the pictures back to the family quickly.  I was pleased that I managed to get a few good ones and was able to get them finished and copied.  (In fact, I'm taking them over there when I finish this blog...oh, and shower!) 

Once that was done, I decided that I was bored.  And that I needed groceries.  So I called Crys and we went to town.  First we went shopping.  Who doesn't need new clothes?  (That fit, because that's totally my problem!)  We popped in Old Navy and promptly fell in love.  I bought this dress and these tanks in blue and black and the cutest little sweater, a navy ruffle tee and a gorgeous purple t-shirt!  I was blissed out happy and didn't really spend that much considering.  (And even if I did, who cares?)  Crystal got a gray dress and the cutest matching cardigan too, so I would consider it a success!  After stopping in at Barnes & Noble, we went to the grocery store.  Now I should say that I love grocery shopping with other people because I like to know why they buy what they buy.   But shopping with Crys was like a nutrition class!  I felt smarter and more informed by the time we were done, and I bought the yummiest organic chocolate graham cracker bunnies!  (Amy's brand in case you were curious!)  It was a great trip, and it's always good to spend a little time with my friend!

Today, I'm taking it easy maybe doing a craft project or two because this weekend is gonna be HUGE!  I seriously cannot wait!  Oh the pictures that are coming your way!


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