Saturday, September 18, 2010

Having a Moment: The Lindsay Lohan Revisited Edition

You know I don't normally blog about celebrities, but there's an "I told you so" at the end of this one and I just can't help myself.   After being out of jail & rehab less than a month, Lindsay Lohan has failed a drug test.  You can read about it here or here or probably 1,000 other media outlets.  Let me start by saying that I was really hoping that she wouldn't fail.  After seeing her self-effacing clip from the MTV Music Awards last weekend, and having relatively no other news about her, I thought maybe she was going to be okay.  Maybe she would be a 20-something Robert Downey, Jr. type and come out of this better and ready to go back to making great movies.  But, I guess not. 

Could it be because no one listened to me?  I mean, the girl was supposed to be in jail and rehab for six months.  She was barely in there for six minutes.  And then she's right back into the same situation which is the first thing that they tell addicts not to do.  I'm not judging her, I promise.  She's sick.  She needs help.  But it seems like no one wants to hold her accountable for her own actions.  And it also seems, sadly, like she isn't really interested in getting better.  And until she is, maybe she should actually be forced to serve the time she was given originally. 

I know you are thinking "Why do you even care about this?" but I think it's because she makes me feel all teacher-y.  I want to see her helped.  Because she's too talented to waste it.  Perhaps she will get her comeback, but obviously, she's got a long way to go.


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