Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1: My Favorite Song...

This is is such a loaded question for me.  I absolutely love music, and a lot of different kinds of music at that.  Lately, I've been back to loving an older favorite, "Dark Blue" by Jack's Mannequin.  I know that I have mentioned it before.  It's the song that I go to when I am having a bad day and just need a minute to blow off a little steam.  Something about hearing a pounding piano that makes it all better.

However, I was raised to have an abiding love for MoTown, so I would feel remiss if I didn't talk about what I think it one of the most romantic songs I know, "That's How Strong My Love Is" by Otis Redding.  If I ever manage to get married, this is a definite contender for first dance song.  I just love it!

I could seriously go on on this topic forever, but I have to get my rear in gear and get to work!  I have morning duty, which means I have to be there earlier than usual!  Stay tuned for more of the challenge and more blogging in general today!


  1. My Dad has always been a fan of mo-town and I have slowly come to like more and more of it :)

  2. By the time I was four, I could sing almost all the major hits. My dad had a soundtrack that we would listen to when he took me to the sitter's. It's still one of my favorite CDs!


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