Monday, November 1, 2010

Trunk-or-Treat and the Rest of My Weekend

Let's start this post back on Friday, henceforth known as the day that I knew for sure I was not meant to be a PE teacher.  I volunteered to sub for a couple hours and let me tell you, if that was what I had to look forward to in my day, I would start with a Xanax cocktail and have sedative sandwiches for lunch.  The kids weren't bad at all, it was just a lot of noise and confusion on my already jangled nerves.  It's like any other area of teaching, if it's not your thing, you just don't enjoy it!  But I know a lot of really great teachers who are passionate about their love for teaching PE.  Personally, I think it makes teaching middle school look easy.  Luckily, the rest of my day was much more relaxed.  My brother and sis-in-law came down to hunt and we hung out and had chili with my parents. 

Saturday morning, I slept in until almost 10 and it felt SO good!  I bummed around most of the morning, watching TV in my little bedroom cave, as it was so dark and cool in there I just didn't want to do much else.  But I had a photo shoot to do in the afternoon (those pictures will be up soon!).  My fabulous hairdresser, Jen, and her sweet family came down and we had a good time climbing around in the barns and playing on the farm. 

Saturday night, it was time for a little Trunk-or-Treat.  If you don't know what that is, it's an event that my church put on where people decorate the trunks of their cars in the church parking lot and kids come through to trick or treat.  It's a safe way for kids to get a little candy, and a great way to connect our church with a lot of families all at once.  I seriously dislike dressing up (I blame my lack of creativity and sewing ability), but I do love to take pictures.  So here are few of the notable and a bunch of the adorable faces from that night!

Spike was a pig...but a REALLY cute one!
 Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompas.  Mike will never live this down.  Ever.
 The cutest Secret Agent I know...
 And one more just in case you didn't believe me...
And his little brother, the police officer...
You're killing me with your sucker face, kid!
And it's not a party without Spongebob!
 This was the single most gorgeous costume of the night!  And it was handmade by her mom!
 This is one of my nursery boys!  I adore his eyes!
Sometimes, Halloween is a little too scary.  T wasn't even sure about his costume!
 Real conversation:  Me (showing kid the picture):  You look exceptionally shiny in this picture.  
  Kid (completely unphased):  That's 'cause I'm pure gold.
Seriously love this kid, who was David (minus Goliath, his sister, at that moment)
 And speaking of kids I love...Here's Spiderman...
 And Spidergirl!
 They say when you are married for a long time you start to look like each other. 
 After we left Trunk or Treat, we stopped by to see Jaime's costume.  I was so glad that I did!  I wish I was this creative.  Until noon, she was going to be Lucille Ball, but then she switched to Little Red Riding Hood, complete with the wolf on a silver platter.  She also made Brad a poison apple!
Sunday, we went to church, then I did a little shopping.  Scored a great coat from Old Navy and a gorgeous new black purse.  Then after choir rehearsal for the Veteran's Program next Sunday, the girls and I went to Sheena's studio to work on our special!  It was fun to hang out, even if we were working hard to maintain our sanity as we practiced our challenging selection .  (Who's idea was "For Freedom" again, Sheena?)  And we ended it all with Pizza Hut for family dinner.  It was a great weekend!  Just entirely too short!


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