Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2: The Meaning Behind My Blog Name...

I wish that I could say that I spent a lot of time thinking about the name of my blog.  I didn't.  In fact, when I came up with it, I didn't really have any clue that I would really enjoy blogging all that much.  When I finally did commit to it, blogging became a way to deal with things that were humorous and things that were not so much. 

"So, funny story..." is something that I have taken to saying before I began to explain some sort of crazy life situation.  I guess the blog name just seemed to fit, especially for where I was in my life.  When I actually put my blog together, I was going through a really difficult time.  It took a long time for me to feel like myself again, to find humor in things again.  But life is funny, even in the most difficult and dark times. 

My aim for this blog is to never be too preachy, but to speak my mind.  People have told me that I'm funny, but I don't normally go into a post thinking "This is going to be the BEST POST EVER!"  In fact, if I did, I guarantee I would completely bomb it and create something that was practically unreadable.  I just write whatever I am thinking at the time.  Sometimes I am fired up  (see "Opinions"), sometimes heartbroken.  I hope that it sometimes I do make you laugh.  I also hope that it makes you think, question, or maybe even go to another blog where you will find someone else who is funny, thought-provoking, or fabulous (and a lot of times all three!). 

No matter how you got here, I am always thankful to hear from you.  Please don't ever hestitate to leave me a comment or an email!  I promise I read and respond to them all.  Even if I did start this just for myself, it's no fun if I don't have any one to interact with!  I have "met" some of the most interesting people in the blogosphere and look forward to meeting many more!


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