Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 18: Weddings!

I'm a sucker for weddings!  I love going to them, being in them, planning them.  I've been a bridemaid or sang at several, and this summer I assisted in planning the first one.  I've mentioned once or twice recently that we have a big one on the calendar for next October, but let me share a few choice picks from some other big days...
I love the flowers...(This was the bouquet I made for Lauren, my first ever)

And the cakes....
 Chell made her wedding cakes and her hubby's groom cake...

And the dancing...

And being a bridesmaid (this was the best pic, despite the number of times I've done it)
And of course, my favorite part, the happy couples!

I just love a good wedding!  What your favorite thing about weddings?


  1. I love the fact that everyone you know is there in one room celebrating one of the best things in life - Love. Plus, always an excuse to dress up and have a good night!

  2. @Sheena - Seriously! Yours is gonna rock!

    @Rebecca - You've got that exactly right! I love to dress up too!

  3. My dance faces are just... awful... lol

  4. That was my favorite part! I had more than what I used even.


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