Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3: My Favorite Television Program

If you know me at all, you know that I love TV (and movies, for that matter).  If I'm at home, there's usually a TV on, partly for the noise and partly because I can usually find something I'll watch.  So picking a favorite TV show should be easy, except it's not really.

I do love Glee!  I have professed my love for it over and over again on this blog.  I think it's inventive, fun, and full of lots of interesting arrangements of music.  I also really love The Big Bang Theory.  It's truly the funniest show on television, and I'm glad it seems to be finally getting some of the credit it deserves.  Jim Parsons is a comedic genius!  I've always had a thing for comedies as far back as I can remember really. 

I still love Grey's Anatomy, even though it's fallen out of fashion with some. This season has been really interesting, and I'm anxious to see where Shonda and the crew will take things from a writing standpoint. And though, I feel a bit of shame for admitting it, I do love Dancing With The Stars (and So You Think You Can Dance?).  Yes, I realize that reality/competition shows are leaving fewer spaces for well-written series these days.  But there's just something fun about seeing people learn to dance and do it well.  (And sometimes, not so well.) 

There are some of my favorites.  What have you been watching?

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