Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Having A Moment: The "What Is That?" Edition

First off, I don't know what's up with all the posts this month.  Aside from the Blog Challenge, I just can't seem to shut up about things.  Good to know my well hasn't dried up, though (I was getting a little nervous in October).  I know that I promised that I was going to not troll the gossip sites anymore, and that People technically is one of these but I saw this picture and just couldn't help myself...
Credit: Freddie Baez/Startraks/People Online
So, my question is "What exactly is that on Khloe's head?"  I mean, I don't exactly "keep up" with these women, but I just couldn't stop myself from commenting when I saw this.  They are, without a doubt, striking women.  I just don't get why it's after Halloween and she's dressed as a fox or a tiger.  Or dressed in a fox or a tiger?  Or is that some other kind of animal?  And how did Kourtney get away with just the ears and Kim not have to wear them at all?  I need some help from the court of public opinion on this, ladies.  If this is a new trend, will you be wearing it?


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