Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 6: A Few Of My Favorite Things

Why do I feel like I should be using my Oprah voice as I announce my list of favorite things?  I hate to disappoint, but I won't be giving away any of the things on my list.  Sorry.  My budget isn't quite up with the Big O's.  But with that disappointment out of the way, here are a few of my favorites (in no particular order):
  1. Meghan McCain - I find her to be an interesting conservative voice.  And who can fault an educated woman who loves to speak her mind?
  2. TV on DVD - I have enough to create my own TV station.
  3. Photography- Even though I still have a lot to learn. 
  4. Teaching middle schoolers - Most of the time, anyway. 
  5. Dinner with Amber - Because no one is more hilarious than we think we are.
  6. Spending time with Sheena and Crys - We don't do it near enough now that we are all grown-up, teacher people, but when we do, look out!
  7. The Big Bang Theory - No one plays awkward better than Jim Parsons and the gang. (Photo from here.)
  8. Chocolate - More specifically dark chocolate.  Or White Hot Chocolate.  Who am I kidding?  Any will do!
  9. Sleeping in - Does this really need a why?
  10. Listening to music - Because I have all of the music.  And not nearly enough time to enjoy it!
  11. iTunes Gift Cards - To acquire even more music for #10
  12. Sunday dinners at the family farmhouse - What's better than family AND fantastic food?
  13. Stanley Tucci -  No joke.  After seeing him as Emma Stone's dad in Easy A, I have a definite old guy crush on him.  Go see the movie and tell me he wasn't adorable.  (In fact, just go see the movie.  It was good!)
  14. The cool side of the pillow - Makes me happy every time.
  15. Milk Duds - I know I mentioned chocolate already, but these totally get their own mention.  I have been on a kick of wanting this candy all the time.  Which isn't really a good thing...
  16. Singing - all the time, but especially with the girls!
  17. Making new blog friends - I always seem to forget that other people all over the world can actually read this.  I'm still surprised when I find out some of them actually do!
  18. Traveling - I love seeing new places and experiencing new things.  And if that new place happens to have a beach?  Even better.
  19. Watching sports - I never really had the coordination to play on any teams, but I really do love watching them.  It's more fun when I know people playing, but I also like to watch them on TV, too.
  20. Kitchen stuff - This is funny because I don't cook.  But I have always been fascinated by Kitchenaid mixers, pots, pans, dishes and gadgets of any kind.  Maybe someday I will learn to use them properly.


  1. We are totally friends because you understand why I might be obsessed with Stanley Tucci (and Ed Harris...and just so people won't think it's a bald guy thing, Sam Waterston).

  2. I understand it completely. So glad you guys came tonight! It was so nice to just hang out and have a great dinner with everyone!


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