Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Finally Friday!

This week has been forever long.  I'm glad that I had time to schedule most of my 30 Day Blog Challenge posts earlier this week, because there's no way I would have gotten them done as the week wore on.  There's just been too many errands and extra things since Wednesday.  I did make time, however, to have dinner with Amber on Wednesday!  I don't think we took a breath from the moment I drove into the parking lot until we left again.  Lots of catching up!  I'm trying to encourage her to start writing her own blog.  She's hilarious (as evidenced from her guest post for me)!  The blog world would be the better for it, trust me! 

This weekend is going to be equally busy for me though.  I'm going to take some time for myself tonight, I think, but Saturday and Sunday will be all over the place.  Don't get me wrong though, I'm REALLY excited!  Saturday, I am going with the girls to look at dresses for Sheena's wedding.  There's nothing I like better than wedding stuff!  (However, you might want to check with me again after we've been at it all day.)  It will be fun just to hang out with the girls if nothing else. 

Sunday, our church will be putting on our annual veteran's program.  It's always a moving service, so I'm looking forward to it.  Crys, Sheena and I will be singing "For Freedom" by Avalon.  We've been working on it, so here's hoping.  We also sing with the choir too.  I'm hoping to have some pictures to share from my weekend on Sunday night, so stay tuned! 


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