Friday, April 29, 2011

Those Who Blog Together, Volume 2: School

I'm late to the party this week!  I've been off my game because we've been out of school, which lucky for me is the topic for this week of synchoblogging. 

Since I started at the age of four (almost five), there hasn't been a year of my life where I wasn't in school.  I went from grade school to high school to college to teaching, almost 26 years all together.  I loved being in school because I have always been a teacher's pet kind of kid.  (People pleasers unite!)  I got away with things because of it.  I will admit here and now that I did call that girl a b*tch in the sixth grade, but when the teacher said I would never say something like that I just smiled.   I mean, as a senior, my favorite teacher gave me the keys to her car and let me run errands for her during school.  Teacher's Pet was my senior superlative, people! 

When it came to college, I had no clue what I wanted to be, but I knew I didn't want to be a teacher.  (Isn't it funny how life works.)   I'd had a change of tune by sophomore year and knew teaching was what I was meant for.  I love teaching, especially middle schoolers, and can't imagine my life any other way.  (Well, okay, I can imagine myself as Princess Kate, but that's a post for another time.)

Can't wait to see what everyone else has to say! 


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