Saturday, April 30, 2011

Y Is For Young and In Love

Why yes, I did get up at 3:00 AM to watch every minute of coverage of the Royal Wedding!  Here's the proof:
 I know I could have DVR'd it.  But I wanted to be a witness to the live event, so I got up and quickly realized that I could take pictures on Dad's big screen that made it look like I was there in person.  See? (People and every news outlet in the world also had amazing pictures, too.)

 You don't have to be a royal watcher like me to agree that now-Princess Catherine certainly looked the part.  The dress could not have been more perfect and the tiara--I was completely wowed to say the least!  I was so caught up in the fairy tale that I could barely contain myself.  But someone said on one of the countless hours of coverage that this is better than a fairy tale because it's real.  They are just two people in love, who happen to have a little extra pomp and circumstance on their big day.  They have been together for almost ten years, have lived together and apart.  They are so much better off than Charles and Diana, and I suspect they will have a much happier story overall.  And my friends (Mer, Matt, Al and Ann of The Today Show) agreed. 
 During his sermon the Archbishop of London said that all weddings are royal because we are all children of the Creator.  What a beautiful thought!  You can say what you want about monarchies, about the opulence or waste of a wedding in financial times like these.  But perhaps what we all needed was to take a few minutes to focus on 'Once upon a time..' leading to a 'happily ever after.'  I don't think we can ever go wrong with the reminder that love exists, even when titles and crowns aren't attached.  (Plus, you know, Harry's still hot and available...)

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  1. American celebrities have got nothing on actual royalty.


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