Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z Is For Zoo

I love the zoo.  Always have.  I've been to the one closest to me a bunch of times (including for my 25th birthday), but the time that cracked me up the most was when Amber and I decided to go.  (Well, more like I begged Amber to go, and she finally relented.  But let's not worry about the details.)  Everything was going just fine, until we decided to pet the stingrays.
Let's just say that the stingrays did not receive a stellar review from someone.  They were more than a little slimy.
 Here are a few other pictures to round things out.  I've had such a good time doing the A to Z Blog Challenge, but it will also be nice to go back to my regularly scheduled blogging.  I'm so appreciative of those people who have followed me over the last month.  I hope you'll keep reading!


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