Monday, April 25, 2011

U Is For Under Water

I worried about what I was going to write about in these final days of the Blog Challenge, but Mother Nature seems to be ripe with topics.  Right now, we are dealing with some major flooding issues here.  We've had more rain in a few days than we are supposed to get in two months, and there's still another five to seven inches in the forecast.  The good news is that we have at least had a chance to get prepared this time.  A couple of years ago (before I was a blogger), it rained 13 inches in one night and I ended up hip deep in flood water trying to get things out of my grandmother's apartment in the middle of night.  It looks like that scenario is going to be avoided, and I'm certainly not sad about it.  For not living on the flood plain, we've had a lot of experience with high water.

When you talk about floods, everyone uses the Flood of 1937 as the benchmark, such as "Oh that didn't flood, not even in '37."  Currently, the Ohio will be above the 1937 flood marks by next week.  It's more than a little scary.  I'm thankful that I live in a house that didn't flood in '37 or even a couple of years ago, but I know that everyone is not as lucky.  (And even I packed a suitcase, just in case I'm not able to get back home and need to stay at my parents' house.)  It's going to be a very tense few days around here until the weather settles down and the water starts to recede.


  1. Scenes from my side of the Mississippi, compliments of the Southeast Missourian...

  2. Hope you all stay safe ! Its been like mid summer here in the UK 24-26C no clouds, certainly not April Showers !


  3. And here I was feeling sorry for myself and all the rain we've had this week. I hope you stay safe!

  4. Saying a prayer for your safety--and glad you packed a bag. That's wise.


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