Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V Is For Valor

Welp, it's still raining and the water is still rising.  I was going to be brave and wait it out in my own house, and then I actually saw the water.  And talked on the phone with Sheena, who reminded me that she didn't have a boat to come get me.  So, I packed up my suitcase, left plenty of food and water for Lilah (who can't come with me to Mom and Dad's and will be safe and dry in my house), and ran like a baby to my parents'.  I wasn't brave.  I had no valor.  But I did have pizza and someone to watch Glee with.  (However, it's possible that I have grown to accustomed to no one talking while I'm trying to watch TV.)  This is where you will find me until something changes, like the water levels on the road to my house.  They've even closed the school for at least tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I do have to brag about my daddy.  In two days, he and his team of workers (mostly students) have filled 22,000 sandbags.  Yep. That's twenty-two THOUSAND.  And what's really sad is that there is still a need for more.  He will go back tomorrow and do more but the river is heading for records.  When you turn on the national news and they are talking about your area, you know it's not good. 

I'm thankful that my house will most likely be safe.  My parents' house is high and dry.  (Dad always used to say that if our house flooded, everybody was in trouble.)  But tonight, I am thinking about the people who are being forced from their homes knowing that they may not have anything to come back to next week.  I'm thinking about governors who would rather they let towns flood than farmland.  I'm thinking about a river that has no intention of stopping.  And I'm thankful for a God who sees and knows, even when we don't understand why.


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