Friday, July 15, 2011

Let's Go To The Movies!

I love a good movie.  Actually, I love bad movies, too.  Basically, if it's on I'll watch it, though I may mock it as well.  There are a few movies getting ready to hit the theaters that I am really excited about (and no, one of those is not Harry Potter and the Infinite Sequel.)

The first is Friends With Benefits.  So, yeah I know that there was a similar movie like this last year, but I'm much more excited about this one.  First of all, I love Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake.  And it's from the director of Easy A, which is one of my all-time favorites (starring Emma Stone).  While I have issues with the principle of "friends with benefits" I can only believe that hilarity will ensue with the movie version.  And it has Emma Stone in it.

Next, I want to see Crazy Stupid Love.  Basically, it's like I cast this movie.  I've been in love with Ryan Gosling since he was a Mousketeer with Christina, Britney, and J Timberlake.  He's an exceptional actor, though usually in heavier indie fare and easy on the eyes.  Julianne Moore and Steve Carrell (when he jumps out of the funny) are both funny in the best and most understated ways.  And it has Emma Stone in it.

And then, there's The Help.  Since I found out they were going to make the book (which I loved) into a movie, the only thing I had to say was "They better not screw this up."  Kathryn Stockett writes with such clarity and purpose that if they muddle these characters, I will storm the gates of Hollywood.  And it has Emma Stone in it.

My last movie selection doesn't come out until the fall, sadly.  I think that America is going to be wildly split on it, due to its controversial nature. 

Ya'll, they are remaking Footloose.  I'm still not sure what I think about this MTV version of the classic 80s film, but you better believe I'm going to go see it and find out. 

The original car.  The horrible prom jacket.  The choreographed-to-look-unchoreographed dance rage.  It's all in there.  The speech even seems to follow the original.  And they play chicken---with buses!  The only thing that could make it better is if Emma Stone was in it.


  1. I was actually pretty excited to see that Emma Stone was cast as Miss Skeeter; I think she'll do the part justice.

    Now here's hoping the movie turns out well.

  2. I loved loved loved the Help can not wait to see it! Not real sure about Foot Loose. But now I am thinking Justin Timberlake is really doing a good job of acting and I would most likely see that one too. We should have a reviews blog after we see the movies.

  3. wait. wait, so you aren't excited about HARRY POTTER!



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