Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Having A Moment: Kate and Her Recycled Wardrobe

I've mentioned once or twice before that I adore Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.  I think she seems so sweet and down to earth, much more like a best girl friend than a future Queen of England.  She also seems to be totally in love with her husband (and not just because he's a prince but because she really fancies him).  I love this picture of them from their North American tour.

Not to mention she's beautiful with an amazing since of style.  One of my favorite sites to check out her wardrobe is What Kate Wore, but you can see evidence on pretty much any media site.

However, one thing that is making me crazy is this talk about how Kate recycles her wardrobe.  If you have a favorite item in your closet, don't you wear it more than once?  Why are we obsessed with if she wears the same coat or sweater more than once?  And since when was it such a big deal?  I get that she isn't just any girl, but why should she have to behave differently just because of her status?  Personally, I love that she's not just flying through designers just because she can. 

What's your stance?  Should Kate recycle her clothes or should she always be in something new and different?  I know it's not a ground-breaking question of eternal importance, but sometimes we just need a little fluff in our lives.


  1. I think it's funny that the media thinks it is news worthy every time she wears an outfit more than once. Usually, there are YEARS in between when she wore it! I think it's great that she wears her clothes more than one time. I like her too. She seems like she would be very sweet in person :)

  2. I couldn't care less what she wears! I think she is stunning and I love the youthfulness and style she has added to the monarchy. I think it is sad that people watch her wardrobe - get a life! Haha!


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