Friday, September 30, 2011

Sheena's Bachelorette Party

It's Friday which, of course, means I am just now writing about things that happened last weekend.  This week was brutal, ya'll.  And last night, I accidentally stubbed my toe and took off half a toe nail.  And I don't mean that in a dramatic way, but in a "that's totally what happened and I had to man up and deal with it even though blood makes me queasy, especially my own" kind of way.  But on to the story...

Years ago when Crys got married, we knew we wanted to celebrate the end of her single days in a creative way, but also knew that a pub crawl wasn't really our style.  So, we were challenged to come up with a party that was both classy and naughty, but mostly a lot of fun.  I wish the photos were digital or I could actually walk into my storage room to share them, but let's just say there was a clothesline with tacky underwear and it was a very successful party!  We've thrown a couple other parties over the years (you haven't lived until you have thrown a Christmas-themed bachelorette!), but we knew Sheena's would have to be something special...maybe even super!

 We went with a Wonder Woman theme and asked guests to bring items to help Sheena become a Wonder Wife.  (And left it completely open to interpretation, so it was hilarious!)  Of course, there were games to be played too, like Guess Who Said It?
 We even had a very well-behaved furry guest in Crystal's Barkie.  He didn't growl once!
 Some of the fabulous ladies at the party
 Some of the gifts were really funny...
 ...but required a little explanation. 
 Sheena was a little scared to get what she had given over the years...rightfully so.

 May I present to you the best apron ever!!

We had a fabulous day and I was so glad that all of these wonderful women could come out to celebrate our super friend!  (and just wait until you all see the food!)


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