Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm 30, People!

So, I know that it's Saturday and most people don't post or read blogs on Saturday, but it felt really important that I post on this--my 30th birthday!  There's still a lot of party yet to come, but today has been awesome!  (Well, until the car problem, but that had a happy ending, too!)

How did I spend my Friday off?  Well, I was wide awake at 6:00 (so much for sleeping in), and then eventually met Sheena.  We picked up my bridesmaid dress, had lunch, and then we shopped! (Oh, how I shopped!)  I got pants and some great shirts at Lane Bryant, then hit up Target (God bless the clearance aisles!).  Oh, and we may have stopped at Sephora.  And I might have spent many dollars on some new makeup that will hopefully ease my crappy breakouts.  It was a wonderful day with Sheena, but I wasn't near done!

No, this day was not a sprint, it was a marathon of awesome!  I headed to meet Amber and got to see her darling new apartment!  She had me concerned, but I absolutely love it!  Once we get a little decorating done, it will be just perfect!  She gave me my presents, which I will have pictures of soon, and I absolutely loved them!  (I kind of freaked out over one of them!)  We had dinner and then went to Target.  (Are you sensing a theme?)  After some more purchasing with my new gift card, we hung out for a bit and I headed home.  Except my car tried to explode.  Thankfully, my daddy saved the day.  He just had to get there first. 

And that's only Friday!  I have two more days of birthday left, which I will be rambling about later this week!  Just didn't want to forget anything about how I rang in my 30th!


  1. Happy Birthday and more importantly Happy Shopping.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Welcome to your 30s... The best truly is yet to come!

  3. Happy birthday!!!! Welcome to your 30's... they're pretty awesome!

  4. Happy 30th birthday!! Hope you had a great birthday weekend. :)



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