Monday, October 3, 2011

Why Casey Should Be A Chef

I've said it before, and I will say it again, Casey can be whatever she wants, but I will contend that she should really be a chef!  We even have a great new set for her show in Crystal's kitchen.  I have to reach my dreams of being a celebrity assistant somehow, right?  These are a few pics I took why she was cooking for Sheena's Bachelorette Party.

Our first dish was spinach artichoke nachos, which are a fan favorite.  Casey demonstrated the proper cutting techniques...

 ...while some of us (not naming any names here, but it could have been me) enjoyed a little celebratory champagne.  (Which may have been more like cheap sparkling wine, but some of us aren't really that picky!)
 The mark of all fine chefs is a good sous chef.  Here Megan shows us the proper stirring technique.  Look at that form!
 This smells soooo good!  Full of garlic and cream and yummy-ness, oh, and some vegetables too. I guess.
 And finally, the delicious finished product before they all disappeared!
I didn't get a picture of the brie en crut, probably because I was too busy eating it!  But there were rosettes on top and it was stunning!  Let's move on to the coconut chicken bites... 
The chicken was dipped in egg then rolled in panko breadcrumbs and coconut.  And then it was fried.  For real.
The finished product was every bit as wonderful as you might imagine.
I don't even know what was in these frozen fruit cups, but I totally want to make a bunch and keep them in my freezer for breakfast!  So yummy!
Now, about dessert.  First a little chocolate with a caramel and brownie trifle.  It was rich and wonderful, but it wasn't even my favorite thing, despite how good it was.
This little guy makes me want to cry just thinking about him.  This is fried banana pudding.  No joke!  Vanilla creme and bananas inside a double wrapped wonton shell.  It completes me.
Don't believe me?  Look at the inside of this...

I'm glad that Casey doesn't cook for me every day because I would have to grease all my doorways to get through.  But I am certainly glad that we have her around to make special occasions even more so!


  1. By the looks of the food it sounds to me like Casey should be a chef too....By the way can she share recipes???

  2. @Becky Yes. She's planning to share them on her blog as soon as she gets a chance to get them down. In other words, stay tuned!

  3. Becky, I try to share as many as possible. Right now, I'm kind of slacking based on my schedule... I'll try to get one up this weekend, though. Any one in particular you would prefer first?


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