Monday, October 3, 2011

2 On Tuesday: My Favorite Childhood Toys

2 on Tuesday

What were your two favorite childhood toys?

I have always loved toys of all kinds but when I think of my childhood, two things come to mind.  I had a pink bunny blanket that I had from when I was a baby until I was five or six.  The thing literally decinigrated from being loved so much.  I had it with me all the time, and slept with it on the rare occasions that I slept as a child.  (My mom says that if I ever have children she hopes they don't sleep until they are three so I get a taste of what I was like as a kid.  I wasn't unhappy.  I just didn't like to sleep.)  That's my blankie on my head there.  What can I say?  I've always been a ham.

The other central theme of my childhood was Barbie.  Now I know that people try to tell you how Barbie warps your mind and maybe that's true, but I just don't think that's true for me.  Chances are, I would have wanted cool clothes, a house with an elevator, and a convertible anyway.  (I'm just kind of high maintenance like that! Haha!)  I was lucky enough to inherit my aunts' and my cousins' Barbie stuff, plus amass a collection of my very own.  Of all the piece I had, my favorite thing was a four story dollhouse with an elevator inside that was bigger than I was at the time.  There was just something fun about all of the clothes, the never-ending soap operas we would create, not to mention all the teeny shoes that you would inevitably lose or step on.  Not too long ago, I found a re-release of a doll I vivdly remember. 

Hello, 1985 Peaches 'n' Cream Barbie!  Isn't she lovely?  Can't wait to hear about everyone else's favorites.  Bet there are a few other Barbie lovers out there!  If you aren't already part of the party, join up over at Andrea's blog, My Chihuahua Bites.


  1. Barbie was one of my treasure toys this week too! I was the oldest cousin, so while my grandparents showered me with the Barbie dreamhouse, I passed along my Barbies to the younger generation. :-)

  2. At least you still don't sleep with your 'blankie' like someone else we know...

  3. Happy 2 on Tuesday!

    I LOVED Barbies! I actually taught myself how to french braid hair on my barbies. My mom hated that their hair would get all nappy and tangled so she was always braiding their hair. :P

  4. Visiting from 2onTuesday.

    I totally had the same bunny blanket, only mine was blue for some reason. I carried that thing until it fell apart when I was 5. I cried for a week.

  5. Peaches & Cream....Love her!!! They just don't make the Barbies like the used too... I'm glad their are a lot of Barbie lovers out there. My youngest had a Blue blanket we got from Old Navy and they stopped making them we had to sew the holes up and everything he still has it.

  6. Oh my gosh.. I have children who do not love to sleep either.. I can't wait until they are teens and I go and jump in their beds at 7 and ask for breakfast.. Or go and cry when they are trying to sleep.. Oh I do love my children and parenthood.. Barbies Rock..

  7. I had the Peaches & Cream Barbie! I recognized her from her dress! Now I wish I could go back to those days, where we created the soap operas with Barbies & didn't deal with them in real life!

  8. i was not a barbie fan. I had some, but I used to cut their heads off. wonder what that says about me??

    cooper has a blankie & i hope he loves it as much as you loved yours!


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