Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Am I Watching Right Now

It's been a while since I've done an entertainment post, and with the end of the regular TV season drawing nigh, it seems like a good time to talk about the shows I've been paying attention to, in order of their appearance in the week.  (And you know how I love my TV!) 

GCB:  Yes, I know the original title, based on the book that spawned the show, had some people up and at arms.  But I don't find it offensive.  In an interview on Anderson Cooper, star Kristin Chenoweth stated that she would never be involved with something that made fun of Christianity (she is a Christian herself) but that she has no problem having fun with Christianity.  (If you know anything about the South, you know that "Bless her heart" isn't really quite as nice as it seems, and covers a multitude of comments.)  The cast is incredible and the fun is wacky and it's totally become my new guilt pleasure! 

The Voice:  I can't decide if I love this show because it's good or because it give me something to gripe about.  I haven't been impressed with many of the picks up to the live shows, but I've invested enough time now that chances are I am going to stick around for at least another round.  I think it must sound different in the room than it does on TV at times, because that would be the only logical explanation for some of the judges' choices.  And three out of the four judges seem like perfectly reasonable people (looking at you, Christina...). 

Smash:  Another show I have very complicated feelings about.  It took me a while to warm up to it, which is odd because a show about behind-the-scenes Broadway should be right up my alley.  However, several shows in, I'm thrilled that it got renewed for a second season.  Each episode gets better and better!  (Seriously, any show that gets Bernadette Peters as a guest star...I'm in!)

Wednesday Night Comedies on ABC:  These shows have become another staple in my life.  The Middle, Suburgatory, Modern Family, and Happy Endings have become required viewing.  And it's not unheard of for Amber and I to text quotes back and forth all night long! 

Who Do You Think You Are?:    Sure it's a big commerical for Ancestry.com, but it's also pretty intriguing television.  Every time it ends, I find myself wanting to do a little more research about my own family tree!

And now for not-so-secret shame:  Was anyone else really excited that the new season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager premiered last night?  Just me then?  Okay, nevermind.

I will also admit to a love for Swamp People, Duck Dynasty, and Bayou Billionaires.  (But I don't have cable, so I only get to watch them at the parents'.)  What can I say?  If reality TV is to be believed, Louisiana is easily the most interesting state in the nation.

What have you been watching?  Any of the shows I've listed?  Or do you have your own guilty pleasures?


  1. I have similar feelings about the voice. I'm even going to blog about it today. But I am giving it up. I don't know what those judges were listening to last night but they keep passing up good people for either the good looking ones (Adam) or ones with a unique voice that no one will listen too.

  2. My whole family likes Once Upon a Time and my teenager and I watch Jane By Design together. I made it halfway through the premiere episode of Smash and decided it was a little too . . . not conservative for my taste.


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