Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D Is For Divine

During last year's A to Z Blog Challenge, I did little introductions of some of my friends who are frequently mentioned on this blog.  It's my habit to talk to you, my people, as though you are a part of my life, even though most of the people in my real life don't read my blog.  (I'm quite serious.  My mom doesn't even read it!)  Well, since most of the introductions of my friends were done last year, that leaves only the newest people in my life to introduce, and today's is simply divine.  Or to put it more precisely, The Divine Miss M!

I've never waited for anyone in my life with as much anticipation as I did the birth of my niece this January.  And like any true diva, she made as grand an entrance as possible.  When she finally arrived just short of midnight on January 22, I knew that I had never seen anyone quite as perfect as she was.  Though I have already written about my own plans for children (or lack there of), it doesn't mean that I don't love babies.  There's nothing as sweet as cuddling a newborn and from the moment I held her in the middle of the night in that hospital room, I was hooked. 

If you know me in real life, or even have been reading very long at all, you know that I am a camera person, and Miss M has become my favorite subject.  I get a little grief over it, for sure.  My grandmother swears that she won't know her Aunt K if I don't have my camera in front of her face, but all I can think about it how amazing it's going to be to document her life.  I want to take all these pictures because one day, she will be big enough to want to see them.  And photographing people I love is kind of my love language.  (Trust me, you should see how many years of pictures I have on my hard drive!)

I'm already planning all the things we will do together.  I have wonderful aunts who spoiled me in a million different ways, and I can't wait for the day when she will be big enough for sleepovers and movie nights.  I've pinned a whole folder full of craft projects and special things we can do together.  I'm already anxious for the day when she's big enough to take to the theater to see her first musical.  We have plans.  Though she's too little for them right now, I have no doubt in a blink of an eye, she'll be big enough for all our adventures.  And I, for one, can't wait!


  1. Awwww, she is beautiful!! Sounds like she is in store for some wonderful times, and you are a wonderful aunt!

  2. Its good to have special aunts : )

  3. Aw she's darling! How wonderful you were able to be there when she arrived!

    Anna@ Herding Cats & Burning Soup

  4. She is beautiful. One of those rare babies who is perfect and birth and doesn't look like a wrinkled miniature old person with an alien shaped head. Spoil her crazy.

    I became and aunt when I married my husband. His niece was 7 when we got married. She's 13 now and I love going shopping with her and going to movies and doing special girl stuff. For my birthday, I'm taking her to see Titanic in 3D. I was her age when I saw it the first time. I just became an aunt again to a precious baby boy. I don't have as many plans for him, but I snuggle him every chance I get.

  5. Nieces are the best and being an aunt! seriously, there is nothing better. The Divine Miss M is beautiful and you will cherish the pictures forever.


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