Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Okay Thursdays

I haven't joined in the fun for a few weeks, so I think it's time to get back on the wagon.  If you feel so inclined, write your own post of self-affirmations and link up over at Amber's blog by clicking on the button below!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay....

  • ...that when I was feeling super crappy this week and medicine was making my heart race, my first thought was "I can't go to the hospital because it's been a while since I shaved my legs and if I have to wear a gown, Lord help us all!"
  • whine on the blog every once in a while, or so my commenters on that post reminded me!  (But I promise to keep it to a minimum!)
  • ...that dinner and bedtime happened in the same (early) hour last night.
  • be relieved when plans change to something decidedly more relaxed for the weekend.
  • ...that I'm more excited about what my niece may be getting for Christmas than in what I may be getting for Christmas!
  • know more about celebrity gossip than US History some days.  (My mind is like a steel trap, unless it's real and useful knowledge, in which case, it's more like a colander!)
  • love Pinterest simply because you like making lists and looking at them.  (Because goodness knows you aren't crafting, cooking, or throwing any dinner parties these days!)
  • skip grocery shopping tonight to make sure you are home in time to watch Scandal!
  • ...that visions of Christmas Break are already filling my head!  (All my fellow teachers know what I am talking about on this one!!)

I'd love to hear what you need to be "okay" about this week!  Let me hear you in the comments or link up!  


  1. It's okay to still be in my pjs sipping coffee and reading blogs at 10 am. In my defense my list for today is made : )

  2. Whine away ... it's your blog & we ALL have those moments! :-)

  3. It's ok to love having a day where nothing is on the calendar! I can be productive OR not, and won't feel guilty!

  4. Its ok to spend your day off moving between the couch the coffee pot and your bed. :-)

  5. Your relief is mine as well. I'm getting too old for some of that ;)

  6. It's ok to think your husband of 27 years is an asshole and maybe divorce is the only way out!


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