Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blog Break!

I'm in the middle of my busiest weeks at work.  There are days that I don't even get a breath until long after the final bell.  We have field trips and track meets and end-of-the-year meetings and I'm just meeting myself coming and going.  So, until May, unless I really have something to say and some time to say it, I'm taking a blog break.

I love all of you super cool party people and I hope you will all come back here when there's something to read again!  (And in the meantime, I promise that I will try to sneak in some time to at least stay up on what is happening on your blog!)


  1. Enjoy your break. Don't leave it too long though. :-)

  2. I just put my A-Z posts on my runs until the 30th. May is not too far away : ) Enjoy your break!


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