Thursday, May 2, 2013

Since I've Been Gone

Just because I haven't been around here doesn't mean I have had things I've wanted to discuss.  Here's a quick(ish) review of some of the hot topics running around in my head:
  • Students called to "fat meeting" --  I saw this story this morning on my local ABC affiliate, and couldn't believe the way the school bungled this situation.  To summarize, in the interest of student health, the school called all of the obese or potentially obese students out of class into a meeting to offer them an option of a nutrition class.  Where do I even begin with my problems with this?  First of all, if they wanted to do this, perhaps the school shouldn't have called them all out of class together.  Secondly, why not offer this class to all students?  Use it as a chance to address all eating disorders, healthy choices, etc.  In the interview I watched, several of the parents said their children were athletes and had been to the doctor and were found to be very healthy.  The principal did issue a somewhat lame apology, but this whole situation could have been avoided.
  • Amanda Knox speaks -- I watched the interview, like millions of other people.  I had read and heard about the story over the years, but I was anxious to see what she would have to say.  And to me, she came across as odd.  Someone on Twitter said something to the effect of "I don't think she did it, but I wouldn't want her to have been my friend or roommate."  And that's about where the interview left me.  If someone I lived with was killed in our apartment, I would still feel sadness.  I realize it's been more than four years, but I still expected to see a lot more emotion than she showed.  I would love to hear your thoughts about this if you have some.  
  • Scandal (the TV show) -- I've loved this show since the beginning.  Shonda Rimes has outdone herself with the twists and turns of this season!  And I don't think we are anywhere close to the end of the story yet.  I love all of the Gladiators (especially Huck--how heartbreaking was last week's origin story?), but I especially love Mellie, played by the exceeding excellent Bellamy Young.  She plays the First Lady with enough evil to make her an antagonist, but with enough heart that you don't loathe her presence.  In fact, I usually am anxious to see what she does next!  Are you watching?
  • Reese Witherspoon got arrested -- Even beloved, usually normal celebrities make bad choices.  The good news is that when the rest of us make a poor choice, it's not blasted across the national news.  I feel bad for her to a point, but if you pull the "don't you know who I am?" card, you forfeit a certain amount of sympathy.  However, I think she is handling the aftermath with a great deal of class. You can hear more of what she had to say for herself here.
  • TV Renewals - Parenthood got renewed for a 22 episode fifth season last week!  That was big happy news for this fan!  Also, Hart of Dixie, my CW guilty pleasure (which is a sweet little show), was also renewed.  I don't think the same is going to happen for Smash, after an uneven season at best, but the last few episodes have been pretty great.  (Particularly this duet of "That's Life".)

Think that's about it for now!  Let's discuss!


  1. I live only a couple of villages away from Meredith Kercher's family. I doubt they'll watch the interview but they are devastated that she has released a book. Does this Amanda girl have no shame?! Whether she did it or not is besides the point. To release a book over her 'ordeal' when someone has been murdered is appalling. I feel like shaking my hands of her and saying what a nasty piece of work! A lot of people feel like that too, and not because we're British like Meredith's family. We're supportive and want the truth to come out. But this book? It's just a way for Knox to make money which is soooo wrong! Rant over.

    Also I kind of love that someone like Reese Witherspoon was arrested. She comes across like such a sweetheart but has shown she has this real wild side too! I love her as an actress and I am sure she feels bad about it but many celebs have done worse right?

    1. I love hearing your thoughts about this, Rebecca! It's nice to hear another side to the story. I don't feel that the American media is overly biased toward her, but I also feel like maybe we aren't getting the whole story, because everyone seems to start from her point of view. No matter who killed her, I feel very sad for Meredith's family. One part of the interview did go to great lengths to describe what a wonderful person she was. In seems like, at least in the US, that the next logical step to every event is to write a book about it. I think I would have minded the interview less if she had just gone on to speak out and not to promote her book. The whole thing is just weird.

      And I agree on Reese. While I would never condone drinking and driving, I really do feel like she's handling a tough situation in the best way possible.

  2. I gave up on Smash. My guilty pleasure is Revenge. And that is just plain stupid of the school to pull out students like that. I agree give everyone the option for the class. Nice way to put more pressure on these kids.

    1. I was watching it on hulu mostly. But I really did love some moments in the last few episodes.

      I couldn't believe that story! Working in the school environment, I couldn't imagine handling a situation that way. Why would you single out a group of kids for any reason if you didn't have to? Particularly a group that often feels ostracized anyway.

  3. Have we lost all shame-Amanda Knox?? As for the school pulling out obese students-if this happened at my school-the parents would be hear in a heart beat and this would be on the local news and in the newspaper the next day! Gosh-what were they thinking? Or were they thinking??


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