Thursday, August 25, 2011

Challenge? I Eat Challenges For Breakfast!

My darling blog friend, Rebecca, tagged me in a post this week.  So now, I am supposed to answer seven questions using links to posts I've done in the past.  This was more than a little challenging, because I am terrible at remembering when I posted something and there are almost 550 of the little buggers, but I'm giving it a shot simply because Rebecca is awesome and I always have fun playing along with her.  (see The 30 Day Blog Challenge from last year...)  Here goes nothing...

1.  My Most Beautiful Moment --  Matt and Mel's Wedding

      I think everyone looks beautiful all dressed up for wedding anyway, but I was especially fond of my dress that day!  Plus, my hair and makeup cooperated beautifully, which was saying something considering the June heat!

2.  My Most Popular Blog Post --  Why White Christmas is an Awesome Movie

     It isn't the one that got the most comments, but it is one that consistently gets the most hits, primarily because people seem to always be looking for pictures of Rosemary Clooney in this dress (thank you, Google images)...

3.  My most controversial blog post -- E Is For Education

     I don't really strive to be controversial, but people have a lot of strong opinions about education.  I certainly do.  But the problem in America seems to be that people who aren't educators are making all the laws with no regard for what the people doing the educating actuall think.  Let me stop before I get my soapbox out.  This post sums up my views nicely.

4.  My most helpful post - Kelly's Show Us Your Life: Beauty Tips

      It was a great sacrifice to give away all my best beauty tips!  Ha ha!  But I didn't yet know what would become my favorite tip.  Just go to Sephora! 

(source:  Google Images)

5.  A post whose success surprised me:  A Word About Miranda Lambert

     It wasn't really wildy commented on but, I was so excited that so many people loved Miranda!  I mean, she's awesome and you totally should love her.  And the Pistol Annies, who have released their new CD this week!

6.  A post that didn't get the attention I thought it deserved:  Artist Spotlight: Lori McKenna

      I think she is amazing and brilliant!  And I think you should, too!  ;)

7.  The post I am the most proud of:  Why Now And Some Goals

     I haven't been successful with my bouts at weight loss, but this is the post I go back to when I need reasons why I want to be.  It gives me the hope and the strength to say, "Maybe this time..."  And that's something.

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